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Microgaming Bonuses

You’ve reached the section of our website that’s dedicated exclusively to Microgaming bonuses. On this page,you’ll find information on the three most popular types of bonuses that can be found at online casinos that are powered by Microgaming software. These types of bonuses include no deposit bonuses,free play bonuses,and deposit bonuses. Because each type of bonus is very different,we encourage you to read through all of the information on this page so that you have a good understanding of how each of these bonuses work. And after you’ve done so,we’re confident that you’ll know exactly which Microgaming bonuses are right for you and you’ll be ready to begin playing online casino games using these bonuses.

Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses

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No deposit bonuses are without question some of the most popular Microgaming bonuses. These bonuses give you an opportunity to play all of your favorite online casino games for free without having to wager any of your own money. As you can imagine,these types of bonuses are somewhere rare,but there are certainly several reputable online casinos that have these types of bonuses available. What’s fascinating about Microgaming no deposit bonuses is that they rarely have a maximum withdrawal limit,which means that you can literally win and withdraw an infinite amount of money without ever having to make a deposit.

Microgaming Free Play Bonuses

Microgaming free play bonuses are very similar to no deposit bonuses in the sense that you can use these types of bonuses to play real money online casino games for free. The main difference between the two types of bonuses is that free play bonuses have a time limit associated with them whereas no deposit bonuses do not. For example,most free play bonuses give you one hour in addition to a set amount of bonus money to play as many real money casino games as you’d like. Once your time is up,you are then allowed to keep any winnings that you have over the initial amount of bonus money that you were given. Our favorite thing about Microgaming free play bonuses is that there are rarely any game restrictions associated with them.

Microgaming Deposit Bonuses

The last bonuses that we’d like to talk about are Microgaming deposit bonuses. These bonuses can be used whenever you are making a deposit at an online casino that’s powered by Microgaming software. Most often,these bonuses are available in the form of a percentage match bonus with a maximum bonus amount,such as a 100% match bonus worth up to $100 in free casino money. Using this example,if you were to deposit $75,you would receive $75 in free bonus money for a starting balance of $150. You can find Microgaming deposit bonuses at almost all online casinos that are powered by Microgaming software.

Bonus Terms

In order to make the most out of using online casino bonuses,you need to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions that are often associated with most bonuses. Therefore,we have put together some information below that will hopefully help you to understand some of the most common bonus terms and conditions; including playthrough requirements,game restrictions,and maximum withdrawal clauses.

Play through Requirements for Casino Bonuses

Playthrough requirements for casino bonuses,which are also referred to as wagering requirements,dictate the rollover amount that you need to reach before you can make a withdrawal. For example,if a $100 bonus has a playthrough requirement of ten times,you must place wagers equal to $1,000 or more before you can withdraw your winnings. Although this might sound extremely high,wagers add up extremely fast and it doesn’t take long at all to reach most playthrough requirements for the majority of casino bonuses that are currently available online.

Game Restrictions for Casino Bonuses

Game restrictions for casino bonuses are another common term and condition that you’re likely to encounter. These are usually obvious because most bonuses are advertised as being for a specific game or games. For example,it’s safe to assume that slot bonuses are only to be used to play slot machines and that blackjack bonuses are only to be used to play blackjack games. To ensure that you’re always on the safe side,we recommend reading the terms and conditions for each bonus to ensure that you’re aware of any game restrictions that might be in place.

Maximum Withdrawals for Casino Bonuses

Maximum withdrawals for casino bonuses are fairly common and they control how much of your winnings that you can withdraw if the winnings were derived from using a bonus. Most online casinos use maximum withdrawal clauses as a safeguard to prevent bonus abuse. After all,if an online casino is giving away free money to their players,it makes sense that they want to protect themselves as much as possible. Although maximum withdrawal clauses make sense for online casinos,we generally recommend avoid using bonuses that have maximum withdrawal clauses because it’s never fun to have a limit on how much you can win.

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